The Only Music Home in au devices.

Uta Pass - is a telecom music service which is pre-installed in au mobile phones. Originally, it's a streaming radio service. Due to the future business strategy, Uta Pass is planned to migrate with LISMO (an On-Demand  music service, which also part of au group). In consideration of delivering a more user-centred product,  the team decide to build New Uta Pass from scratch. 


Migrating streaming and on-demand music service into one app is a tremendous task. These two products have totally different working model and user's expectation. 


Create a streaming and on-demand music service for iOS and Android


Lead UI/UX Designer work with Scrum Team (2 iOS developers. 4 Android developers. 2 PM. 2 QA)

Why Japanese Still Listen To CDs?

 In 2016, Apple and Spotify both expand into Japanese market rapidly. Before we start jump into product development, our partner KDDI have planned a week meeting with us. Ready to discuss about the hottest "Japan Music Market”. So we're trying to analysis their market strategy, pricing segment, for helping us find more opportunities.


Early Sketch

After getting some draft goal and objective, I use my favorite pen and paper to draw down ideas. It helps me quickly visualize the picture in my brain. And of course, communicate with PMs and engineer more rapidly. With more paper I discarded, I will eventually find the main core idea I can go along to the end. 


Work Flow

To keep our cross-country team member stay in the same page, we spend much effort to put our design more clearer and sharable. I make an online documentation with Axure, which store all the flows and product spec appropriately. Luckily, it improves our team to communicate to each other and efficiently make our working model better. 


Get New Uta Pass On-Board 

One of the challenges for migration project is to on-board both old user and new user. So we try so many concepts to help our user more comfortable and effortless. Below is final version we come out. We try to bring our product into life moment and make our illustrations more contextual. 


If you have any questions regarding this project, feel free to contact me.


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