Your Dementia Elder Caring Assistant.


Concept Project @Shih Chien University


The dementia early prevention and treatment are an unavoidable problem. Because the elderly in the mild symptoms, they're able to clearly aware their behavior. So they resist the special treatment from others, like... wearing the positioning wrist, neck hanging Name tags and so on. The consequences of rejecting early caring is that so many dementia patiences found their problem in the late stages. And is too late.  


UI/UX Design 

Why Aging Population Is Inevitable?

"According to the United Nations study, the aging population will increase three times faster in 2050." The future of an aging society is an inevitable fact. As a young product designer, I want to find out is there have something I can do to make people live better.


Care:D Concept Video

"How can I help families caring their elder intimately? 

Care: D use micro electric tattoo to detect elders healthy status and connect to mobile easily immediate caring. The electronic tattoo, is like a biosensor-sticker on the body, it'll not directly and explicitly write the name, on the other hand, it can be effective prevent elder's uncomfortable.


Project Keywords

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