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Internship Project @ Yahoo Taiwan 


People loves deals, but they always need to source it hardly. 


Lead UI/UX Designer with Scrum Team

Why "Deals" Can Be A Key For EC Product?

What is the meaning of Deals for people? We ask ourself and start field research with curiosity. According to observation result and data analysis, "60% consumers willing to receive deals".

Deals commonly seen as a promotion. discount, which all represent the meaning of money-saver. No one will refuse a Deal. Therefore, we make a bold assumption that Deals can be a form factor to make e-commerce into a daily habit.

DEALS (n.) = EC as Daily Habits


With that hypothesis, we can learn most of people love deals. But so much choice, which is better, how can I find the best deals?  People received deals from everywhere... how might we provide a unified deals service for them?


Target Audience

Who cares about the deals - money-saver? Is the student who still study in school with no income? Maybe they are part of potential users. To know more about our users, we make different persona to help us figure out who is our target audience. In the end, we notice that "Petite Bourgeoisie" is the most significant group.

They use their money more carefully, because they need to deal with tons of social event all the time. But actually they can't afford too much expense. From these key points, we think they should be our highest potential customers.


Our Insight

「Starbucks Buy One Get One Free」Is this deal makes you excited?

Normally you will start a day with a cup of coffee, how do you decide where to buy that coffee? Depends on your mood, or your destination location? I can say that if you saw a Starbuck 50% deal, you will treat yourself better. 

Noticing the behavior of upgrading, we think Deals is your "Life Booster". In fact, in our daily life you have many options in different level. Ex: transport with cheaper public metro or taking a taxi with 3 times price. In this life behavior model, Deals could increase people's motivation and push them toward the more expensed side. 

Deals is People's Life Booster

Deals is People's Life Booster


Finding The Sweet Spot

How to help people find the best deals to live a better life? There indeed have many solutions for people to get the deals they want. By integrating with Yahoo media content, we have a great advantage to provide a truly holistic service. We analysis the most popular deals product in the market, and found most of them use listing view to present deals. it's inanimate and unsurprised to explore. We think this could be a  great opportunity for us, to create a delightful deals product for our young-generation.

Align with Yahoo business strategy

Align with Yahoo business strategy


Introducing finDEALs

The "Stacks" user interface is designed to turn deals into surprise cards. The enjoyment of returning finDEALs is to uncover the day-surprise. It will show up with a particularly color in the stack. You won't want to miss it because the-day-surprise, mostly is valued deals you will get. So keep coming back and be prepared to swipe!

Besides, we think deals can not be only post by owners, but should be able to discover and share by similar interest people. No idea what to share? Imagining a charming cafe you always want to visit, and one day they want to give away a deal. But mostly you can't easily find it. So we would like to invite the cafe owner to share it in our app. Therefore, user not only can find the general deals but also the independent cafe deals.

Stack UI make deals discovery more surprised

Stack UI make deals discovery more surprised

finDeals connect store and consumers with add-on values

finDeals connect store and consumers with add-on values


Logo Concept


Features Walkthrough


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