Achieve Sweets Goal with Happiness

Your laziest way to workout.


Concept Project @Shih Chien University


The girls always feel guilty when they want to eat dessert, but they don't have much time to burn out the calories...
So they eat without starch, but actually it isn't really healthy for the human body. 


Researcher、UI/UX Designer 

Why People Love Kellogg's Cereal?

I'm a person who love eat cereal all the time. And "Kellogg's Special K" is my top choice for no reason. I take a deep look into their brand missions, and found that why people love them so much!


Consumer Survey

I'm particularly trying to understand the relationship for: Breakfast X Health X Exercise. 
Seeing if there has any opportunity for doing something.


Survey Infographic 

I turn my survey result into a simply visuals. Help me really quickly understand the context and the people of the brand.


Introducing Special Move


On-Boarding Design

"Making exercise happiness" Setting for your personal information and get ready to move out!


Goal Setting


Special YOU

For these girls, Profile Design is quite challenging. Because this is always the biggest motivation come from. So I have asked the participant from the survey group about what they would care, when they use a fitness app.


Achievement Page Design


Project Keywords

#DesignProcess #UserInterview #InfographicDesign #InteractionDesign #VisualDesign