Busy Taking Photos when Traveling?

PLAYRECC  - A Next-Generation of Travel Experience Packing Service. With a pair of wearable 360º recorder which embeded biosensor to know your feelings, packing everything around you through spherical videos.

Industry-Academy Cooperation Project with COMPAL

When most of the existing IoT products, trying to add more fancy gadgets on user.
People actually get more distraction and churn in life.

Lead UI/UX Designer 

How Can We Make Travel More Effortless?

When IoT comes across travel, what will it become?
At the beginning of the project, we had an extensive discussion of the future trend through eight aspects. 

We then studied the evolution of travel industry. Basing on the interviews with 10 target travels, the potential problems the travelers might encounter before/during/after their trips were revealed.


Framing Insight 

By cross examining among the trends and user pain points, we found that ‘‘capturing special travel memories’’ is a common issue among most of the travelers. Then, we did some market survey of the current capturers and found an unmet market need.



In order to build our unique selling point among all the current recorder models, we observed how users interact with the records. The purpose, the usage, and the recorded objects.


Meet Challenge

The critical challenge during the concept development is to highlight the “hot spots” from the lengthy footage. As a result, triggered by user’s on-the-spot emotion, our travel recording service can effectively interact with users real-time.

How to highlight the 「Hot Spots」 from the lengthy footage?
Hand-Drawing for visualizing product scenario

Hand-Drawing for visualizing product scenario


Value Proposition


Painpoint: Messy photos and lengthy footages
Want: Save memories more efficiently and conveniently
Need: Human-cantred Memory Saving Service

Feature: Ear-Wearable
Benefits: Collect the most enjoy moments during travel time
Experience: Personal Travel Moment Packing Service


A Next-Generation of
Travel Experience Packing Service

Integrated with our wearable headset, “Record-by-emotion” will bring a truly unique and hassle-free recording experience to all travelers, from hardcore to casual. We believe it is one-of-a-kind in this competitive market.


How it work

The built-in bio sensors in our headset hardware will switch the speed of
video recording according to user’s physical data and reflect user’s emotions during the playback.

Travelers can gather their clips into trip pack, rewind and re-enjoy their travel moments at 360-degree, fast-and-slow.


Iterating Design Process

Rapid prototyping helps me experiment with multiple approaches and ideas. Prototypes range from rough paper sketches to interactive simulations that look and function like the final product.

My early wireframe sketch on moment cards.

My early wireframe sketch on moment cards.


Crafting Personality

Branding Keywords:「Cutting-edge, User-friendly, Emotional, Lightweight,」I choose to use round shape navigation bar design for 360 degree clips feed page. Making it more intuitively represent as a 360 degree product. Try it out here




Project Keywords

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