Asia's leading streaming music service

KKBOX, was established in 2004 by a group of Taiwanese software programmers with a shared passion for technology and music. With the support from more than 500 international major and local independent music labels, KKBOX features 30 million legal tracks, including the most comprehensive Asia-Pop music library, and is currently available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand with over 10 million users. KKBOX are committed to creating a truly immersive online music experience to users, and to empower artists and their music through technological innovation.


Freemium model allow user try app directly without signing up, but it makes us hard to understand the behavior and intent from these anonymous users.


- Create a new freemium signup flow to acquire valuable new user

- Improve first impression in cross platform (Mobile. Tablet. Web. Desktop) by integrate coherent design language


Product Designer - Research. UX. UI. Prototype

Deepdive into the problem

I talked with lots of stockholders to understand the problem.

The originally signup flow have a lot of redundant steps, and inconsistent touch points. In the new version, we need to add the personalize setting step, which means the signup flow will getting longer. So, our goal of signup optimization is set to create a enjoyable signup flow rather than a shortest flow.



I love to quickly whiteboarding flow and ideas with related folks (PMs, engineers). Although engineers don't like to draw, but it always help to push them pick a pen and draw something "human languages". 😅





After I draft initial concept, I'll create tons of prototypes to communicate with engineers, and let them live play with it on the phone. It helps us speak at the same page, and makes our developing  dialog even more healthy.  I think the result is fruitful, just within 2 hours, I can quickly use my prototyping tool "Origami" (by Facebook Design Team) to build up the idea and explain the entire flow with details with engineers and PMs contextually.


KKBOX Design Language

In this project, I also initiated the KKBOX's design system project and created the documentation which enable designers and developers can work more easily, build a more cohesive product in cross platforms, what's even more is to create a consistent experience for users.